Area of activity

Commercial & Corporate

Our lawyers regularly assist their clients in civil and commercial contractual aspects, as well as in the corporate governance requirements of national and international companies and groups, joint ventures, dealing with the acquisition, merger operations or sale of companies or individual assets.

The organization of the Firm is designed to provide clients with advice and assistance on all matters related to the management and operation of companies and to complex requirements of national and international corporate governance. The Firm’s clients can benefit from the experience acquired by the Firm’s professionals in complicated operations of international magnitude – even through the operation of an office in Los Angeles for many years and the activity within primary international groups or networks – to obtain rapid and effective integration and synthesis between models or group policies and commercial, contractual or corporate needs.

The professionals of the Firm, among the other, deal with agreements for the development and exploitation of intellectual property rights, for the incubation and promotion of new projects, structures or plants, or for the related financing and guarantees, in Italy and abroad.

The Firm has provided, in sectors of its prevalent intervention, assistance in many sales, acquisition or merger operations of major companies, services and operators, strategic for national and international competitive dynamics.

These abilities are also carried out in the assistance for the out-of-court settlement of disputes, as well as in litigation before the competent national and international authorities (jurisdictional and arbitration).