Area of activity

Media, entertainment & technology

Our professionals have participated in many key and strategic transactions, at national and international level, in the audiovisual/entertainment sector and have worked with Italian, European, American, Asian and Middle Eastern clients, already consolidated or in the start-up phase, obtaining reputation and fairly extensive experiences.

The Firm has considerable knowledge of the national and international issues and needs of digital platforms, producers, distributors, authors, actors, talents and related trade associations, as well as of national and international bodies operating in the management of copyright and related rights, offering a synthesis of commercial, administrative, regulatory and judicial experiences and skills, practical also to accept development opportunities, mediation needs and solutions to complex problems.

Our lawyers are particularly experienced in national and international negotiations and agreements for the acquisition, sale and exploitation of rights, production and distribution of contents, enhancement of rights and protection of intellectual property. They deal with legal, regulatory and contractual developments in the exploitation of digital technologies and linear and non-linear transmission media, artificial intelligence systems for data collection and analysis, as well as related regulatory issues, with particular experience in related needs related to data protection.

They consistently participate in regulatory monitoring activities, and provide their support to new regulatory measures and initiatives with the most representative associations and / or operators of the sector. They assist the entire supply chain of the audiovisual / entertainment sector in identifying, finding and exploiting resources for the development, production and distribution of both Italian and foreign projects.