About us

A legal boutique with leadership in the media, entertainment, technology and sports sectors, notable international experience, cross-cutting skills in commercial and administrative law, as well as corporate and regulatory profiles, which allow an effective and versatile approach, also on new technological and digital issues, of intellectual property and data protection, as well as on related sectors or activities such as real estate and renewable energy.

The lawyers of the Firm have perfected their skills also abroad, in international networks or primary groups, or in the public sector as in-house of Governmental bodies and, although they work according to the best international standards and practices, they maintain and promote a tailor-made client-professional relationship, distinctive of a boutique firm.

The main feature of the Firm is the capability of identifying the best solutions to combine the needs of international operators with the logic and specificities of the Italian market, translating international practices into the national context.

Our main objectives and values are the combination of specialization and overall knowledge and vision of the market, long-term trust with clients, application and synthesis of national and international best practices, creativity and concrete solutions, flexibility and empathy to fully meet the needs and expectations of our clients.